Sunday, October 9, 2016

Disney Parody Video

This was something I got in trouble for while working back in the day.... and I can't get rid of the ability to turn EVERYTHING into a freaking song on the spot!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MODEL CENTRO: Your Affiliate Program is your FREE marketing tool!

You've made the first step into being a website owner and in full control of your website by joining Model Centro.  You took the next steps by designing your site, uploading content and setting prices.  What you may have forgotten to do?  Enable your affiliate program.  
Many of you ask, what is an affiliate program and why should I have one?

Simplified?  It's your FREE resource to gaining more traffic to your website and expanding your conversions into website earnings.  Ok, maybe that wasn't as simplified as I could make it so I will say it like this:  "Affiliates market YOUR website which creates sales for you and earns them a % of the money they generate in return."  Essentially, you are paying an affiliate to market your website ONLY if their efforts generate sales.

The % will vary from site to site, but essentially this is how it works.  You ENABLE your affiliate program and create free marketing tools for your affiliates to use in their promotions which will increase your traffic and sales.  
Here is how you set up your affiliate program:

Once you enable your affiliate program, you can let your social media followers know and start getting sign ups!

In the NEXT Affiliate Program blog I will show you how to create promotional content specifically for your affiliates!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The ultimate squirt experience

If you've been following along the cameras at my house  then you have seen the interaction that is occurring between me and a new friend.  If you haven't, you are missing some hot action!

It's been a month since we starting hanging out and began in our sexual journey.  Things were off to a normal start with me dodging and not really taking him too serious.  If you KNOW me, you know my attention span is hella short when it comes to men so it's no surprise that one day they are here and the next they are gone.  But this one is different.

He barely touches me, kisses me and my pussy gushes everywhere!  He is the FIRST person who has made me squirt from licking my pussy!!!  I have never cum so many times, squirted so many times and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate interaction with someone as I do with him!

So the other day, we are having sex as we normally do until this moment came where he touched me, looked at me and was penetrating me in such a way that caused my pussy to project squirt onto him and it came back and showered me in the face and on my chest!  It was soooo fuckin' hot!

The poor bedding on my bed is soaked on a daily basis to the point that there are puddles in the mattress.  I have been told the plastic mattress protectors are worthless and don't hold under extreme sexual escapades so no need in wasting my time with that.  Any suggestions??

Friday, May 1, 2015

Would you date a man who is BISEXUAL or likes TRANSGENDER?

As of late, I seem to be meeting more men that are into alternative lifestyles who admit to having bisexual affairs and attractions to transgenders.  One guy is probably straight up gay... but wasn't honest about his sexuality and I have NO idea what he wanted with me.

Today I had a conversation with a guy from a dating site that admitted he likes transgenders.  I asked him if he had sex with them and he openly answered yes.  I am not judging, but question whether or not that is something I could handle in a relationship or potential sexual situation.

I appreciate the honesty, since the other guy wasn't honest AT ALL but left a lot of clues that definitely screamed that he was batting for the other team.  So how do I feel about this?  I have never really taken the time to really think about it and decide of this is something I am ok with.

-=============== To be continued ============- 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

FAN QUESTION: Kim Kardashian, Khloe & Kylie Jenner

I have started answering fan questions and this was one of the first one's that caught my attention.

"With the recent viral videos of the "Kylie Jenner Challenge" what is your opinion of the Kardashians and the message they send to our youth?"

This is such a good question and required me to really think about my response.  I will be open, honest and candid.

I think the Kylie Jenner Challenge is by far the stupidest thing to hit the Internet,  The fact that people would do things like this to their bodies to attempt to have bigger lips is ridiculous.  Honestly, that ties into my whole opinion about the Kardashians entirely.  The message that they send to our youth and to the general public is the importance of having money, surgery and the constant need for the "perfect" physical appearance is misleading.

We live in an instant gratification generation.  The "I" generation which seeks approval from the masses and through surgeries, physical augmentation, tattoos, piercings, material items and appearance extremities simply alter their natural beauty but don't fix the underline issues within.  I don't judge, by any means but I certainly feel that it becomes an obsession that ultimately destroys you and doesn't bring you the satisfaction you are hoping to achieve.  For those who DO reach a successful gratification, by all means more power to you.  My concern is for those who will spend thousands of dollars to still have the issues mentally and emotionally they are hoping will be disappear.

This topic is much like weight loss.  It's great when you are doing something proactive to change your weight but the weight loss as a whole doesn't fix the inner emotional damage that can come from common weight issues.  You have to do more than just lose the weight and change your physical appearance with counseling or simply changing how you feel and think about yourself.  

The Kardashians are a very powerful source with their effect on the world.  I wished they would send the message to LOVE yourself no matter WHAT you look like and promote self acceptance.  But how you can you do that if you are challenging the world to put their lips in a bottle cap so they can look bigger?  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 2 front door riots emerge

As many have you seen on the news and CNN, the Baltimore Riots have gotten completely out of control and if you are following my blog you read about my first night in the #WARZONE.  We are in the midst of the 2nd night of the neighborhood chaos and it seems to be quiet.  The curfew has been initiated and thus far people seem to be subdue.  There is definitely a presence of law enforcement and the National Guard.

The community is trashed, broken glass everywhere you go and burned businesses.  I shop at a local beauty supply store and have become familiar with the people that own the store. Hearing about them in the front of their store with weapons, ready to attack anyone who tries to loot their store is so sad.  The devastation that is left with the chaos that has unfolded is by far a life changing experience.

I have received an out poor of calls, emails, messages, texts, tweets and various communications asking if I am ok.  Physically, I am alive and well.  Mentally and emotionally, I am still processing the turmoil I witnessed from my bathroom window.  The images of the war zone, the faces of the looters and the lack of respect for our community will remain a constant reminder forever.  The sounds of the angry people, hearing the out rage and chaos that was only a few feet away from my door.

The photos you see were taken from the BBWCAMHOUSE windows, live as the events took place.  I can't even begin to describe how I feel right now or what is going through my mind as I process the experience and the things I've witnessed.  I've had people tell me "You don't know what it feels like to be targeted, profiled and racially attacked."  Quite the contrary... 

But that is neither here nor there.  Each day that passes, we hope that this madness will end and we can go back to our lives if that's even possible.  Feeling like you are a prisoner in your own home is where I am at now, afraid to go out there and take a look at what's left of this neighborhood.

Everything must go on.  

Top 10 dating site pet peeves

10.  One word messages

You get ONCE chance to make a first impression.  HI, SEXY, WASSUP aren't going to get my attention.  They are just warning signs that getting to an intelligent conversation are either impossible or going to take about 30 messages of which I am uninterested in entertaining conversations that look like every other conversation.

You:  HI
Me:  Hi...
You:  How are you?
Me:  Fine
You:  That's good.
Me:   ....  you lost me already.  

9.  Abbreviating words like HRU, WYD

Spell the words out.  It's NOT that hard to just type HOW ARE YOU or WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

8.  Pictures of more than 1 person (you aren't sure who THEY are), photos of food, cars, dogs, money, watches, etc.

Who am I even talking to??  If I have to guess, I am not even interested.  Where's waldo pictures don't impress me.  As to posting photos of food and other shit, that's SO annoying.  That is NOT you.  I am NOT impressed by the car you drive, the wad of cash you got from cashing your pay check, or the food you ate and later shitted out.  No thanks.  Stick to photos of YOURSELF.

7.  Asking for MORE pictures.

I put photos on my profile for you to see who I am.  There are SEVERAL that I chose carefully for you to see who I am.  If you want entertainment with photos, you can get a membership to my website.

6.  Not having photos or having SUPER old photos or SCANNED photos (who does that anymore) or photos from the club in front of a background!

You want to see who I am and I want to see who I am talking to.  I don't even chat with people that don't have photos.  As to scans... come on we are in 2015 so there is no need to have scanned photos.  Photos from the club, that was so 90's lol let's live in the current times.

5.  20 questions like an interrogation or job interview

I know you want to get to know me but some things are either in my profile already or none of your business.  If I feel we have some sort of connection I will share certain things but asking me in depth personal questions are annoying.

4.   Asking me my bra size, or asking me how much I weigh

Self explanatory.

3.  Asking for OTHER social profiles like snapchat or kik!

No, I don't want to go from one site to another or an app.  End of story.

2.  Unfilled out profiles - don't be lazy!

If I can take the time to describe myself, I expect you to do the same.

1.  Calling me FAT when you get rejected!!

I was fat when you messaged me.  Nothing is attractive about a sore loser.

Do you have any dating site stories you want to share?  Questions you want me to answer in my blog or video diaries?  Email subject:  FAN QUESTIONS