First BLOG entry Moist Monday

It's another moist Monday and this is my first blog entry here on the BLOG SPOT... I am tryin this one out to see how it goes... so bare with me. Let me introduce myself. I am Platinum Puzzy, 30 yr old plus with young looks BBW in the amateur/porn industry. I am working on my personal site which will be announced for member opening VERY soon. The site will be professionally designed, maintained and photo/videographed. I am also doing 3-5 video shoots A WEEK!! My sexy new co-star "Donovan" is addicted to the Platinum Puzzy and makes a 5 hour trip twice a week to cum show is affection. Ofcourse you know I have to get in video JUST for you so stay tuned for more episodes from the Platinum/Donovan files. For now, that pretty much covers everything. Be on the look out for and you can find my clips now at then kiss