Hello again! It's been a while since I graced these pages with anything on my mind, or anything about me so here I am to REINTRODUCE you because I will be here as often as I can to keep you up to date and posted on the happ's of Ms Platinum Puzzy.

First and foremost, changes are being made to http://candiswildgirlz.com/platinum. Updates are better, and more regular so you definitely need to check them out by becoming a member. Videos are also being updated so there is ALOT to look forward to!!

More clips added to http://clips4sale.com/store/7555
"Cum in my mouth" is the latest edition to the vault of videos for the #1 Hottest Hardcore BBW on the net. 6 minutes of mouth watering and tantelizing blow job til I get the finale in my mouth! That's right ~ nasty is my middle name! I am not afraid to get down and dirty and do the things that make you stand at attention. Check out the new video footage there...

I have been accepted to Southern Charms and working on getting the paperwork, and photo submissions straightened out so they can start building my corner of the site. It's destined to be hot (as always) and I am utterly excited to be a charm! Be on the look out for that release date.

Still holding off on www.platinumpuzzy.net release date. I want to ensure that the site is 150% ready to go, professional through and through and something I can be proud of... so apologies for the wait but I want it done right the first time!! :) Muahs...

I am heading to Nashville, TN for my FIRST EVER "swinger party" being held exclusively by MONTY HICKS. That's right!! The infamous East Coast "Swinger King" June 23rd and we are FILMING!! You get to see my REAL REACTION to my first ever swinger party and I have NEVER had 2 guys at once!! So you can prepay your copy of the footage and get the low-low discount. At least 5hrs of footage including behind the scenes, candid, interviews & "Platinum Puzzy - OFF the clock and ON the clock" playtime is definitely going to take new heights!! For your prepaid copy email platinumpuzzycam@yahoo.com

That about sums it up for now... check you out later!!