First of all, let me just say that very shortly after writing the last entry my date showed up and although we had a tag along guest that prevented any “bed shakin or affection at all for that matter” at least we had some fun. We went and grabbed some food cuz we were all starving!! Picked up “Waist Deep” with Tyrese (mmm my future ex husband) and Megan Goode (Fine ASS mami) and I fell in LOVE with that movie. IT IS SO GOOD!! 5 stars MUST see and you know I love those gangsta love stories outta MY hood Los Angeles!! So, although I didn’t get to scratch my nookie itch, we still enjoyed each other’s company. Always good to have once in a while cuz I spend entirely too much time online with you guys!!

On another note, I think that we raise the curtain on “Adult Web Models” I don’t think we get the recognition, or accalades (hope I spelled that right) we deserve. We aren’t ESCORTS *although I personally don’t see anything wrong with that* but the public views us much the same. We are “ONLINE FANTASY PROVIDERS” So I have decided tp crusade in exposing what we are REALLY about instead of letting the public spread otherwise… Other than that, preparing for Kream to come to Florida, my trip to South FL with Red Hot Phat Girlz, and my FIRST swingers party in Nashville, TN June 23rd. Also still working on & AND… returning to so be on the lookout for the best in phone/cam fun!! Besos!