So, today I realize many things..I may not be cut out for this business anymore. My patience wears thin, my attention span remains short and honestly, dealing with folks in this line of work is customer services to the 10th power. Maybe being nice is just not the method preferred? Perhaps I am being too "careful" about what I say? Fuck it.. should I just go back to my I don't give a fuck ways? No, as that may work for some in this business, I don't want to alienate those who I have met and worked with or those whom I may have the chance to work with. Good business is knowing when its time to draw the line between being professional and letting people know you mean business. I no longer intend to tolerate superficial bitches on a rampage choosing me as their victim. In that case, I will express myself accordingly usually followed with a very intelligent cussin' out with no foul words used at all. I love to flex my vocabulary skills when I can LOL

So I finally finished the 3 sum video with Italian Lace * Ed Wood * and myself. "Fuck My Husband Bitch" now available on www.platinumpuzzy.net. Along with the updated video, I have added a fan club to fat-forums.com NAWTY PUZZY cum check that out. I am slowly getting the photos uploaded, much of them needed to be resized to meet the site requirements but with all this work eventually I will have them all added very soon! Also, PlatinumPuzzy.com will be opening soon as well so look out for the launch party to be held via webcam for those who are unable to attend!

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Til later - Ciao besos and kisses
Platinum Puzzy