Thursdays 8pm & BLAST TIME AGAIN!

That's right! You know what day it is! And I have to blast someone real quick before bloggin my radio show... This email came to me today: Woman; You are a Skank! Don't email me again. You are a discusting pervert. I don't know how or why you emailed me but you have the wrong guy if you think I would fuck a 25 cent whore like yourself. Talk about Fat! Gross! Make me sick to my stomach! MY RESPONSE: See deleting you and never contacting you again would have been simple if perhaps "Don't contact me again" was your response. The need to be rude and call me names... aside from being immature they were totally uncalled for. Your email address was AUTOENTERED which means that you emailed me at some time first. Thank you in advance! ~~ Fat & Proud ~~ HE WROTE BACK: I have never emailed you; so that is a lie on your part! Past present or future so don't go there! And Only a Fat lazy Pig like yourself would be proud of being fat. And MY FINAL RESPONSE: How much longer to you intend to keep this up? I mean are you actually getting off by attempting to insult me? I find it rather amusing. The fact that you feel dignified enough to validate further responses continuously repeating yourself with the ONE thing you care to notice about anyone is quite humorous! I would LOVE to see what you look like... although hiding behind a computer is so gangsta and manly. You managed to maintain my attention span for a moment, but that quickly I have found something MUCH more positive to entertain myself with.Buzzoff... I thought this was finally over, but he sent me another email stating that he accidentally deleted the last response and doesn't know how to retrieve it LMAO and claimed I didn't have the balls to write back... He doesn't know me apparently!! Here I was I wrote: LMAO @ your inability to retrieve the email you stupidly deleted! HAHAHA Actually I do have the balls to write back ... your words don't effect me in a negative way, they inspire me in a positive way. Haters make my world go around. You just sent me spinning! Then he writes: Funny I was thinking the same about you. Why don't you just block me instead of keep answering these dumb emails I keep sending back to you? IM DONE WITH THIS KID... please I have so much more to do than entertain the likes of a rude ass! LMAO