Updates, travel info & meet n greets!!!

So I have been a very busy bee lately! The last time I wrote, so much has happened! I made it up to St Albans WV where my photographer and I drove 12 hrs to get to Silky Angela in Kentucky to attend the Flirts Night Club Pajama Party Sept 29th. We got their WEE hours Saturday morning and took a little nap. Later Silky and I were supposed to do some shoots together but couldn't get things motivated as I was exhausted! Finally, we did get the car packed and headed to somewhere else in BFE Kentucky to meet up with Thick from the TNT show on BBWADULTRADIO.com and the 3 of us together was hoot! We cracked up the entire time and again, missed our opportunity to do more shoots as we intended and ended up pressed for time to get to St Albans. We then jumped in the car (again) and headed to St Albans where we were greeted with a HUGE surprise! The owner of Flirts Night Club put "Home of BBWADULTRADIO" on his sign that is displayed at the entrance of the club! Needless to say we were flattered, tickled and beyond excited! We set up all of our techy stuff and then headed back to the room to get ready for our night of Jammy jams and fun!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel we showered and shaved and all that goody beauty stuff. Headed back to the club and started doing our thang. The evening started off slow, but eventually the party people started coming in and stayed ALL night as we did suck n blow jello shots, dance contests and all kinds of goodies! The performances by lerical assasinz was hot and so was D' Analyst. Sugarqane made it in, a hot model who just happened to be in the area. We had the chance to interview her and her LOVELY derriere! She was a sweetheart and had some very positive things to say. I enjoyed interviewing her NO DOUBT! Ofcourse we took the time out to street talk with Lerical Assasinz Russwords and Big Norm. BBWADULTRADIO got nothin but love for everyone out that way! We were treated like royalty and had a blast entertaining the crowd!

Sunday was hard, with only a few hours of real sleep all weekend I was getting less and less able to do anything but had to manage to drive back to BFE Kentucky where we were surprised with some down south cookin by miss Thick herself BREAKFAST! Can you say YUMMY? That food was the best! Biscuits n gravy, potatoes, sausage patties... OMG I am gettin hungry thinking about it! After eating, and recapping the evening Silky, my photographer and I headed back to another part of Kentucky where she and I finally found some time to do a short photo set. It was getting dark and we still had to head to Cincinatti to see an old friend before heading back to the swamp lands of Florida.

We made it back and since then I have been finding videos that I long forgot about. So, now its back on the grind editing photos, videos and more for YOU to see! The update with me and Silky should be up Friday so stay tuned and keep it locked right here for the official Platinum Puzzy updates, scoops and inside info!