Saturday, November 3, 2007

The time of my life...

Ok, I got conned into going to a club in Manhattan - NYC's Hot 97 First Thursday after work party with Angie Martinez and Trey Songz. Had a good time - the music was DA BOMB and the club was FLY... after the club I had to trek up 14 flights of stairs *fuckin elevator broke* and was back up at the crack of dawn. First thing in the morning I had an appt - and from there on to a photo shoot with Fantasy Boo who owns :) So I did the shoot with minimal complications, then comes Italia Blue! Yes, the hot and talented, recently smaller in size but still a gorgious smile porn star that I love to watch! Shortly after she showed, so did Jada Juggs whom I absolutely think is marvelous! After what I would consider a successful shoot, Kitty Lixx and I headed to Boulder Steak House that had the BEST staff, the BEST food and we ate like we hadn't eaten in weeks. Needless to say, I never ate yesterday and drank. And the food I tried to get from the club was a joke... not any JERK chicken which is what I ordered. Ha, well at least I have a full tummy now and I am updating all the sites so you can check out what I have been doing. Lots to do tomorrow, so need to catch some z's. See ya -

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