Tour 07 hits pause

It's finally time to depart the city that never sleeps and I am having mixed feelings about my departure. Part of me knows I am way overdue to return home and regroup and the other part enjoys being here. I have made a lot of great friends, encountered many interesting people and had fun without any doubt. I did get the chance to work with Tia from which the update is now so go check it out. I like the site and definitely enjoyed working with "Fantasy Boo" aka Tia. Definitely represented a more professional and comfortable environment in comparison to other less professional and uncomfortable shoot environments. I hope that she will allow me to work with her again, as I was truly honored to be amongst truly delightful and down to earth we talent. Italia Blue graced our presence, Kitty Lixxx, and infamous Jada Juggs.

As for the party at Afrika House last night, I didn't stay long but can definitely say that I was looking HOTTTTTER than Jamaica on a summer day! Photos coming soon, so be on the look out for those.

I am sorry to inform that the tour has hit a pause for the cause. Due to circumstances beyond my control, and lack of work in my first stop NY I have had to temporarily pause the tour. It is NOT over by any means but definitely need to re-group, re-plan, and approach this differently. Alot of guys made appointments and didn't show, which is totally unprofessional. Other work offers fell through, and models no staying in contact to do shoots. Real disappointment, that I set up and designed this tour with enthusiasm of meeting models, working for different sites and what not only for people to choose not to even respond to me. If you weren't interested, say so. If something came up, say so. But this trip should be titled "NO SHOW NO CALL, ABSENT FROM AMBITION" So new perspective after a few weeks of HOME restructuring!

I am getting ready to hit the road, so wish me luck, safety and a WARM return.

Ciao, besos, kisses and muaz! Platinum Puzzy