New updates, new site and all the information you need

Atlanta has been fun, although I haven't really done anything TOO exciting just yet. I updated my sites, and working on condensing them so that you don't have to go all over the world to get the information you need. Work in progress... just trying to get everything organized! Can't wait to hit up some more cities although this time of year it sucks! the holidays can be so stressful! Help me someone! I just watched "The Condemned" with Stone Cold Steve Austin. GREAT movie.. definitely something I enjoyed. Been kickin it all day with a good friend. Trying to forget about the mofo's who strung me along with bullshyt then flaked when it came time to make their word golden. My TRUE guys made shyt happen, even against some of the toughest circumstances and with so much more to lose. THEY are my #1's :) Thank you SO much! So check on me tomorrow ~ muahz Platinum Puzzy

OH the photos are from my latest and greatest update on Check em out!