Another stalker.. ???

So I get the call today that I have another stalker on the move... making calls to my fans asking a bunch of questions about me. What the hell is this about? LOL Here we go again.. It's been a while for a stalker. Welcome back to chaos. I had a long day at work... and I want to go see my "good good" but I gotta work in the morning. That really disappoints me, I would love to fuck him. Just to spend some time with him would be nice... but - just isn't going to happen. What a way to end a bad day...... fuck. I am horny and stressed and ready to get some great dick. No half assin it. Anyone wanna come give me some? Oh....! I did have something good happen. One of my very loyal fans sent me a Baby Phat shirt from my wishlist :) Thank you sweety and can't wait to take some photos in it.

Also this week's update on is up. Some samples are up above. Definitely go check that out! Tia is super cool, and hot too! And I thoroughly enjoyed working with her... can't wait to do it again.
I am gonna close with that... so keep ya eyes on the blog :)