Fuck Film Fest 08 comes to a close

As we bring this session of Fuck Film Fest 08 to a close, many lessons were learned, many changes were made but overall I had a blast and totally enjoyed my time with Jammin Jennie. I have often considered kidnapping her and holding her hostage as she is HELLA cool to hang with. Jen and I gots tons of shoots done, and hot new videos that we are going to spend the next few days editing and getting up on the sites as soon as we do. http://www.voluptuocity.com/ is where you can find her as well as on http://www.southern-charms.com/ and http://www.jamminjennie.com/ I am a huge fan, a new friend and totally adore Ms Jennie. We have alot in common, and both real chill kinda people. I enjoyed shooting with her amongst other things LOL So, that wraps up the shoot. The hotel was hot as always and we got some cool shoots done. My favorite was the "Maids caught playing" video. You have to check it out on http://www.platinumpuzzy.net/ The photos you will find on http://www.platinumplumpas.com/ I camming on http://www.platinumspuzzy.com/ so catch me there! Gotta get back to the house - muahzzzzzzzz