Deprived again - another dry run of SEXLESS nights alone! Yes, it's true! I am so tired of hearing about how many wonderful escapades I must be having... and yet I sleep alone - okay that's a lie.. I have my girlfriend but we are in desperate need of a strap on AND some good dick on a regular!! All in due time I suppose... in the meantime I am craving some dick in the worst way! And you know what's super funny... Ive been mad cranky and I think that has everything to do with it! Any takers? Mr California (you know who you are... ) you are at the top of my victim list and damn glad you wanna do video too... you are so hot!
Tour plans are subject to change - more to follow shortly but just be aware that I am making some minor changes.

On another note:
Hey all you loyal PP fans... and if you are a member of http://www.platinumplumpas.com/ then today you know you got a NICE surprise in your update! I know I have been a slacker on the update circuit but I truly apologize and will spend the next month showing you just how much I appreciate you!! Also, updates on http://www.platinumpuzzy.net/ are starting today as well... so feel free to check out what's new over on that end! And if you want to check out the HOT new update on http://www.bbwlexilithium.com/ I urge you to do so! Outdoor fun with Platinum is always hot and sexy!
So - welcoming the newbies... feel free to say hi, introduce yourself to the group. You can check out my up & coming travel plans at http://www.puzzytour.com/ - subject to change here soon but generally pretty up to date and accurate.
I have been camming ALOT more lately - http://www.platinumspuzzy.com/ for those who want to get in the action. Tonight I am have a FREE cam show for yahoo group members & NF customers ~ there are rules: NO DEMANDS, REQUESTS or PRESSURE to perform. If you begin to do either or any of the above you will be asked to leave. This is a FREE chat to get to know me and enjoy and if I FEEL like getting frisky then that's up to me... if not simply enjoy that I took time out of my busy schedule to spend with you and get to know me. This will take place at 7pm tonight via YAHOO messenger. Hit me up NOW if you are interested.
Other news.. the nest free cam & my radio show will resume Thursday 8pm www.blogtalkradio.com/platinumpuzzy so feel free to submit your music, or tune in to hear what's going on in my world. If you want FREE cam, email me first - only 20 spots open. Sorry but too many cam viewers slows down the computer and the last one began to freeze with over 50 watching so this time we are limiting it to the FIRST 20 requests to hold a spot for them. I will leave your spot open for the entire hour... so don't worry if you can't make it RIGHT at 8pm est.

~~ Gotta get ready for the cam show - so until next time Muahz!~~I