Why me? I thought when that kid ran off yesterday it would be OVER, but he called me telling me that in the 1 minute it took me to run in my house some "black guys" came out of no where (which weren't any where to be seen when we pulled up) and approached him with knives and tried to rob him FROM MY RUNNING CAR... he said he grabbed his back pack *which when I was getting out the car to go in the house he was pulling the door handle so he was contemplating his escape from the get go but ok* says that he took off running and then they jumped him, beat him up and stole all his stuff including his wallet. Now, I don't live in a bad neighborhood.. and logically if they were going to STEAL anything why didn't they take my CAR? Secondly, I was in the house for a minute TOPS.... why didn't you SCREAM for help? ALL of this allegedly took place in 2 minutes at the very most. I can't believe this guy... he called and said he was at the police station for over an hour and is now at the hospital. When does it stop? Am I heartless for not believing him? Or just analyzing the facts and seeing that if they were going to steal his stuff wouldn't they have taken his CELL phone as well? I know I probably sound cruel, but I think this is a line of BULLSHIT and I just DON'T believe it. Fuckin pathetic... next?

So, THIS is why I am reluctant to meet fans and do videos. Alot of you guys are asking when I am going to be in YOUR city.. and right now funds are mad tight. I have been off of work for over a week now trying to rest up and get prepared for surgery. Yeah - hate to report it but I have another cyst cluster on my ovary and requires surgical removal. Travel will be prioritized by those who help fund the travel costs. I can only do so much yanno? I don't mean to bitch, but this shit can get super expensive super fast. From costumes, production, hotels, etc the fees add up and I pay for it all out of pocket. I make alot of personal sacrifices to be able to do this for ya'll. I want to continue to do all that, but I am going to need some support and dedicated help from you guys as well! So cum on my avid readers, watchers and nasty boys... I have some HOT deals that are going to have you bustin all over!!

The new fetish clips store is going to be called http://www.fatfuckablefreak.com/ here you can find the clips from the weekend and various other fetishes that I am exploring in my self exploration as well as my intent to please you guys. My limits right now fairly uninhibited cuz my motto is "Don't knock it til you try it" So imma give just about anything a shot before I say deem it something I don't wish to do. What is my new future you may ask? GANG BANG, creampie *when I find someone who can make one*, light bdsm and a select few other things. ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SEE? Email me platinumpuzzy@gmail.com and tell me your fantasy! I will certainly consider the possibilities and find out what I need to do to make it happen.

Sunday was a productive day I'll say. I spent all day redesigning http://www.platinumplumpas.com/! Yeah, I am tryin to make it more presentable and theme it so its consistant... I want it to look top knotch yanno? Booty call came over late last night, and just wanted to cuddle? He said he had been missing me and concerned with my surgery and all. I tried so hard to get him to fuck me and he wouldn't. But he damn sure let me suck him off til he busted a FaT load in my mouth! SPIT OR SWALLOW? Ha..... you will have to wait til the NEXT entry on http://www.platinumpuzzy.com/ Ciao!