Can't wait - to shoot with Sera Raven

It's Monday, can't really say too much has happened. I didn't do cam shows as I had intended. Matter of fact, I didn't even get online much. I have to take some personal time because this business can penetrate your life and take over. So, the photo above is of BBW Dolce ( and Sera Raven ( whom I intend to shoot with Wed. We are going to do lunch, and get some hot photo sets done and possibly some video. I can't wait to tell you how it is to meet her... so far she has been hella cool like most of those I have actually met here in Houston. As for those who stood me up - this is CASE and POINT why my travels are limited. I ended wasting another $600 for this trip... and at least 6 of you stood me up. So, in that I decided to go back to work, get back to my normal life and stop letting the set back's of this industry destroy my financial stability. Unfortunately, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. People lead you on... and let you down. ~Fortunate for me there are others that do come through and treat you like PLATINUM. For some reasons I would stay in Houston, for others I must go home. And that... completes my blog for the day.