Platinums Playhouse is REBORN! New home!!

You read that correctly, Platinum's Playhouse starring Princess P is on featuring adult business updates, tips, interviews, general information and more, Old School Hip Hop & Underground Sound, ON LOCATION special events and spotlight. No longer being heard on the other station, but NOW REDLIGHTRADIO has welcomed the previously acclaimed radio show that united the best of old school hip hop and adult entertainment. Tuesdays 8pm I am really excited to be back in the radio scene! I truly enjoy music and have a passion for the entire process of making it, to listening to it, to the broadcast of artists of the past or that aren't being played on mainstream radio. I hope to rekindle my show relationships with listeners of my past show, as well as develop new found friendships with new listeners. Hope to HEAR you sooN!

Tomorrow I am driving to Orlando to shoot with BBW Destiny who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years ago in Tampa when we went to Club Rubenesque. I am excited to see her again as well as BBW Desire :) Excited to see what kind of stuff we come up with!!

New updates for the SITE< are coming! I know you have been waiting patiently for some new content so here goes my first set since my return!! Hope you enjoy :)

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