BIG BUTT MAGAZINE... and Nc, Sc, VA - here we CUM!

Yeah, that's right - YOUR GIRL PLATINUM PUSSY!! Go to

Page 60 is where you will find Ms Puzzy - although they spelled my name wrong. It's all good cuz that ass is up in there ready for you to check it out!

I will be buying 10 copies to sign and sell. 3 copies will be given away in an up and coming contest. Speaking of contests, winding down on the deadline for the Hawks game date. Several of you entered and ONE of you will win! I am excited cuz we are going to have an amazing time in Atlanta living it up @ the Celtics game and hittin the town. MAYBE if you are lucky enough I'll let you taste the platinum puzzy. If you have good GAME... then you have a fighting chance LOL.

Mimi and I leave at the ass crack of dawn for SC, NC, and just added TODAY VA. WE AREN'T GOING TO HANG OUT... I should have been more clear about our intent when initially posting. This is ALL business so $$$$ will motivate our arrival to YOU. For more information on how YOUR benny's can get you some time with us, inquire further. My apologies to those who misunderstood.

Ok... that wraps up this mornings rant. Check the photo section for photos being added DAILY!

Much love,