Headed to NC :)

First and foremost let me announce that I am leaving for North Carolina TUESDAY. For those of you who may wanna meet me and in the NC, SC, GA area, hit me up now so I can arrange to possibly do so. Terms and conditions apply so NOW is the time~!

Secondly, a reminder that time to enter the contest and win a date with me to the Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks game is running out! March 15th is the entry deadline and the 17th is when I announce the winner LIVE~ Details available for those who are unaware of the contest rules and regulations.

Thirdly, Mimi Melons and I have been busy shooting hot and sexy content with our new videographer who is filming high resolution video for us. Last night we did a FAT MILF series, with a video where Mimi plays my naughty step daughter and Im the whore step mom who catches her skipping school, smoking and inviting her boyfriend over to "pop her cherry" When I bust her, I force her to get naughty with me in order to keep from telling her father what a bad girl she has been. ~This is part one of a hot and steamy series! See what Mimi will do to keep me from telling daddy what a bad girl she plans to be!

The other video is me taking Mimi from behind with our new strap on! VERY hot... she fuckin LOVED it~!

Aside from that waiting for the updates I sent to Candi to go on the site. www.candiswildgirlz.com/platinum - the url's www.platinumplumpas.com www.platinumpuzzy.net etc are suspended until further notice. GOtta pay the hosting $200 - and right now I just don't have it so you guys need to get on point and get some goodies from me ~!! LOL

The picture mail/video mail/Voice SMS/text messaging service has been a HUGE hit! It comes with your entry submission but if you want JUST that service its $20 mth. I was tough fittin my big ass on my phone LOL but I managed to get it all on there.... also coming soon are customized Platinum Puzzy ringtones. Yeah baby - you can have as much of me as you possibly want where-ever you go when ever you want!

I am headed to NC to shoot with FreakyFattys.com webmaster, some of you remember her from Candi's Ms Blaze - a hotty I have been wanting to meet and shoot with for a long time~!

Its definitely time to hook up with BBW Destiny & Desire again... and more of you so be on the look out of my up and coming travel dates.

That's gonna cover it all today!

Ciao for now~!