Viva La Miami!!

Wow what a weekend! It's Thursday and I am STILL recooperating! Friday started off with major issues as I went to get the rental car and realized I have lost my drivers license. Obviously you can't rent a car without it so I had to go to the dmv and get a new one. Had lunch with my girl, mapped out the trip and decided to leave first thing Saturday morning. I couldn't sleep, and was trying to get promo items made since my fed-ex package never came. Finally got to sleep around 3am and wanted to hit the road around 5... but slept until 6 30. Got up finished packing the car and hit the road.
Excited as ever, the trip down was shorter than we thought since I had the pedal to the floor and haulin ass! LOL :) Made it Miami around noon, had trouble booking a hotel since I waited last minute (I had a feeling I wasn't going to make it Friday) - is the shit, we got hooked up with a really nice hotel SO convenient to where we needed to be it was unreal. The Albion hotel is where we were, the staff treated us like celebrities. I paid a little bit more than I usually would for a room, but it was SO worth it. We had to wait until 3pm to check in so we walked around South Beach ... went to get a pedicure at this place called Frank Provost - the chick was cute and hella cool but save yourself the $... $38 for the worst and most uncomfortable pedicure EVER. I have had a 10yr give me a better one... or at least have better tools. Needless to say I wasn't a happy campter but that's my fault for not going to my lady before I left. So we ate at this place called the Pizza Bar on Collins... pizza was ok but the wings were nasty. Had a couple of beers so we were feeling a bit tipsy... made way back to the room and checked in officially. Got to the room to find a double bed. You know ME AND MY girl are bbw's so we knew that was going to be fun. We chilled for a bit, and laughed at the "mini bar" which turned out to be a small refrigerator with refreshments AND NO ALCOHOL. Dipped out to the convention where I had the BEST time! From meeting Pinky to the airbrush from Pashur ( and the tattoo from Candy ( it was amazing. did a great job... didn't realize I was coming to promote so I was slightly disappointed about that, but found a way to promote regardless of where I was! :) That smile got em... We got back to the room and decided we were ready for a drink. So we went to the bar in the hotel and had a coupld of Hennessy and coke. Needless to say I was off the rip! Haaa.. we decided to get some food and walked the strip til we found a place to eat. Actually they found us as this hot lil blond came out in front of us and offered a free bottle of wine if we ate there. OFCOURSE we went dashing for it but didn't realize the cafe prices were crazy high.. but it was ok because we deserved it after wearing heels all night at the convention. Feet were on fire! So we had the chicken and shrimp alfredo. THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD! So fuckin good!! Mossimo was our waiter and enjoyin us big girls. So we sat there, drunk and now we were full - Luckily the guy I met at Exxxotica came by and picked us up in his Range Rover.. I know same as the guy from last year except this one was black.
I met another BBC this year at Exxxotica. I know some how I attract them and although we didn't get a video done- his "try out" left me drained to say the least. His dick was nice sized, and he made me squirt every where! On top of that he ate my puzzy like a champion... so HE WILL BE IN A FUTURE FLICK SOON! We started in the shower while I was drunk trying to get the airbrush off my chest. Then on the bathroom floor... and eventually just fucked right there with my homegirl sitting on the laptop. The best dick I have had in a while. 4 out of 5 stars! :) Thanks D.
I hated that Sunday came around. We got up, checked out the hotel and hit the beach. We found this nice little pub where JENNIFER served us margaritas and some good inexpensive food. The beach was a quick visit as we knew we had to head home. Once we got into town we headed to the mom's houses for dinner. Chilled in the hood with my girl's family where I had a blast with the fam. ANd that completed my weekend.
Lastly - you can now fuck me on - its a VIRTUAL world and I will be in there nightly allowing VIP's + MY site members to fuck me virtually and sometimes get the phone and cam action with it. Check it out! That sums it up for now! Catch you lata....