It's that time again, Exxxotica NJ and your 3 favorite HeavyWeight Hotties are going to be attending the show in true HWH fashion!  We have suffered some losses, experienced some tribulations but we came out with a winning attitude and overcame our obstacles.  Come see us at Exxxotica NJ this weekend Fri Nov 4 - Sun Nov 6th at the NJ Convention Center Edison, NJ.  We are at booth 230 BBW FANFEST 2012 representin'

You are asking what IS BBW FANFEST 2012?  Well I am glad you asked!  Above is the flier with SOME of the bbw stars attending the show July 13-15 in Sin City aka Las Vegas.  It will be a 3 day BBW extravaganza filled with a trade show, an awards ceremony, theme party and all the plus size fun you can stand in ONE weekend.  Go to and register while availability lasts! has a new video update!  Go check it out!  Sign up for full membership with now and enter to win a free Sensational DVD! kinky bbw's need I say more?

Finally found this shot from Urban X Awards, made my day!  BBW OF THE YEAR bitches!  What an honor... Good times, great memories!

Last but NOT least we have the LIVE slave show with Miz Caramel Vixen going down Saturday Nov 4th in Edison.  Check out the site for more information on how you can get on the guest list.  

Now that we've covered business, it's time to open up on some personal topics.  Just this past weekend the girls and I met up in Orlando FL to celebrate Mimi Melons birthday.  We had a blast poppin bottles in VIP and had dinner at Olive Garden.  We tried to have breakfast at a place called Bananaz in the morning which is a breakfast drag show... but they were so packed we were forced out of there lol.  

Prior to that Mimi and I headed to the Bill Cunningham show where we taped a segment on BBW adult entertainment.  We left on a Tuesday, arrive in NY with drivers waiting with our names which was cool.  They dropped us off at our hotels and we separated for some individual NYC time.  I met up with a potential investor to discuss business over dinner.  I love being treated to Dave & Busters especially at TImes Square.  Mimi met up with me at D&B later where a fan met us as well.  Waiter was crushin lol We finished our evening festivities, then hung out with our Blonderage Platinum Heather Lishous and Trashley Treasuers.   Never a dull moment with those 2!   

The taping of the show proved interesting when we ran into someone less desirable and not on my fave list.  I had to admit that it was kinda funny at first, seeing as how she was uncomfortable being there with us but I refused to let her attitude penetrate my good time.  I came to have fun and act a fool so that's what I did.  We all got thrown into a limo after the taping where I thought if there was anything she cared to say to me would be said.... Not a word.  Although, while I was 35,000 feet in the air there was much to be said on a surprise radio show and twitter posts.  I paid it no mind, as this drama is totally for the birds.  But found it comical how it was portrayed that I was punked.  Seriously?  Too funny.  I've moved on leaving out the people who intend harm, or malicious drama with NO point.  Bigger and better things.... right?

Other than that I've been dealing with the love of my life being deployed.  It's been hard to say the least, and quite trying for both of us.  I have been so busy with all of this stuff that I haven't exactly had the time to really devote to skyping with him.  I am sure that leaves him to some rather nasty conclusions as to why I am unavailable lol  but nothing going on over here just trying to get my studio up and running and contemplating my move.  Looks like I start in Orlando and later next year to Las Vegas.  

That sums up everything for now!  See ya soon!