BLOWED UP! The Nick Hawk Blow up Doll from California Exotics

I was ever so excited to get the email asking which of the new Nick Hawk line products I preferred and even more ecstatic when the "Blow up Doll" was an option.  Naturally that was my FIRST CHOICE!  When I got it?  Oh boy!  I couldn't wait to blow it up and make him LIFE SIZE!  

So that's exactly what I did once I got home.  It took about 20 minutes to get him all filled up and ready for play.  The tattoos were a little creepy, but his air penis was quite interesting.  I made sure that I treated him like a "real deal" for a while and gave him the full on honey attention.  

The penis is just for show... it's not something that you can actually insert inside of you but fun to look at.  I plan on using him as a prop in videos for face sitting and what not... we will see how that goes but in the meantime I will say he has been fun to play with.  By far the best boyfriend I have ever had being quiet, clean and always UP when I need him!  I give this a 5 star review for just the sheer excitement of having him around!