What makes a puzzy Platinum?

Someone asked me today, why is your puzzy Platinum? And I started to get frustrated at the question and realized it is a fair question. And I love an opportunity to flex some brain skills *the ones that actually USE the brain LOL*
First and foremost, anything you do, wear or say is a direct representation of you and how you feel about yourself. For me, I am VERY confident, but I am not conceited by any means. Down to earth, at best. Secure with myself, and definitely secure with my size.
So you ask, what does that have to do with the Platinum Puzzy? IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.
There is one thing to be "good at what you do" but when you are "good with WHO you are" as well as being skilled and tentative sexually you up the levels of pleasure, and when you go into something confident, open minded and secure with you are - the results are much more satisfactory and beyond anything you have ever had. It's rare to find, most women front with their showboat attempts to appear confident by dimeaning other people. Confidence can be better SEEN than heard. Flex it, sex it and ladies turn your puzzy into Platinum!