New day has come

So it's a new day and I feel much better. I belong here just as much as anyone and dammit if I don't let folks get to me. LOL IT happens. Its called reality checks. So now that I am back on and planning my trip to Flirts in St Albans WV for the LIVE event being held Sept 29th, this is going to be a long drive! Wish me luck!

Other than that, I think I might get on cam later. I need me some LOVIN in the worst way! Think I might call my best friend BLOVE over for some cam fun. I got a request to do some eating videos, so I guess I can oblige them to. Imma fat girl so eating is NO issue for me! Also, I have some video requests for other various fetishes so its gonna be a full work day for me.

I added some videos to so if you get a chance go check them out!

Ok, time to get busy - Ciao, muahz, besos and kisses!