Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey everyone, just checking in with a follow up

So everyone thought that I was playin... and I am totally NOT playing. Platinum Puzzy is on official retirement from the adult industry as a whole. Updates on are sets that were taken before my decision to leave the industry. Videos will be updated as well, but the original site has been officially disabled. What am I going to do? I am going to disassociate all of the webs the adult industry has weaved into my happy exsistance and try to regain some sort of normal living again. I had NO idea how much it had taken over my life, and totally dictated my every move. I enjoyed it until recently it became more and more demanding and less rewarding. When you get 50 im's a day most of them pushing you to do something and more often than not for FREE... and they are ALL sex related of some sorts - "GET ON CAM" "Come fuck me" "I bet that pussy is good" it becomes VERY annoying. I can't pretend that it doesn't bother me anymore and because of that it just seemed like the best time to put it in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed MOST of you! I regret not getting the chance to meet some of you who took SUCH good care of me! The gifts were appreciated and totally sweet! I really love the attention and admiration... and became friends with some of you. Genuine friends. I expect some of you to stay in touch with me... and hope you are still reading my blog. I am taking this 9-5 VERY serious and making it work for me. Still single :( Although happily reporting that I am still seeing "Good Good" and actually have fallen head over heals for him. He doesn't know that, or hell maybe he does. He seems to care to especially after I did something really stupid and told him about it... and he was VERY disappointed in me. It hurt when he told me he didn't want anything to do with me... but later called me to tell me how brave it was to tell him about it and he would rather live with what I did than live without me. Maybe it's time to settle down. Who knows? I do miss some of the biz... can't lie. There were GREAT people that I met inside... Kitty Lixx and I are still close. And there are some that I learned alot from. I will still post here at least once a week and every now and again post some pics. Who knows whats to come from me... :) Ciao...

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