Im SO bad...and I love it

My ex came to see me yesterday, and I have to admit that I took full advantage of his desire to get that fyre pussy. LOL He had been saying that his girlfriend just isn't willing to please, that she just lays there as if its a job. The only reason we broke off the engagement was as a result of his inability to grow up at the time. He wanted to party and hang out and I wasn't going to tolerate that. So we split up and remained friends. He has since started seeing someone and apparently she put up with his shyt when I wouldn't however the end result was complete lack of creation and satisfaction in the bedroom. So I seduced him, reminding him of what he had and let go. And that was SO bad, cuz he is totally regretting things now. He was cheating on me when we were together so he hardly wanted to have sex with me... and ofcourse over the years ALOT has changed.. so now the puzzy is THAT much better. Whooops, now he is whipped again. LOL ----> bad girl I am.

So, other situations invading my life are fake friends who use you. I have ran into so many of those and some more than once. My desire to help people just overwhelms and clouds my good judgement. I have no problem batting off dead relationships with men, but female friends that have NO ambition in life to do anything but follow sorry ass losers who bring them down.. I always seem to help and in the end inevitably getting fucked over by. stinkin bitches... I tell ya - when will I learn?

On to updates, I will be shooting next week SOLID hardcore content. Yes, you heard that right - more videos to be added to Guest stars will be in them with me!! So definitely keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of new releases! New updates to follow tomorrow on and official dates being set for more stops on the platinum tour - to be added TODAY - for your location request and more and that completes today's entry. Much love to all! PP