I am ever so glad to be back! Everyone asks, why did I return... and why not? I have invested so much time and money into this with upgrading my equipment and so much more that after about a month I just couldn't watch everything I worked so hard for go down the drain. So I picked up where I left off and stepped it up a few knotches. I have hired some people to help promote me while I am at work... and help with administrative stuff. Also looking to find someone help me with scheduling shoots, booking locations, wardrobe, make up, camera etc. I have submitted for my business license and getting my name legit. :) This makes me incredibly happy. Working on a plan with Jammin Jennie and some other models in the biz to get massive content done. She is HOT and I love her stuff so this will be an absolute pleasure to work with her. Found a hot stunt cock down in Miami that I just CAN'T wait to work with. Thinking about heading down to MIA next weekend to get some stuff done and then again when Jen hits FL. Seriously, all of a sudden things just blew the fuck up! I am so excited! Between hiring a camera guy, setting up some new models, and more... I am SOOOO busy. Plus I have some pre-scheduled fan meet n greets in the near future. I could be coming to YOUR town, and you can keep informed on those dates and locations via www.puzzytour.com. The above photos are the Monday update for www.platinumplumpas.com and videos are being added to www.platinumpuzzy.net every day. You won't want to fall asleep on me cuz I am definitely pushin thru :) Til tomorrow... Muahz