Hey fellas...! I know, I know - BLOG biotch! Is that what you are thinking - if not you should be cuz my ass SUCKS at blogging lately. Gotta get back into the MOJO... and back into the swing of things. So, Jammin Jennie is finally here and what a fuckin great time we are having! Not only is she super hella cool & down to earth but we get along so well and a life long friendship has developed into a family love for each other. So she gets here Thursday from a hella long flight from the midwest, we get home - she LOVES the new bed set I got for her "approval" its HOT pink.... and colorful. Ummm, can you say this is so cool having her here... Friday night we had the VIP party @ the club and had a fuckin blast! Afterwards, Jen got her some dick from one of my shy friends and who would have known he had a monster dick and fucked her SO good??? This is Mr Conservative shy guy who couldn't hurt a fly. 2 thumbs up for the quiet guy. I got me some Donovan dick... and aside from that we shot Saturday and chilled later that night. Sunday was pretty mellow. We went to the beach and it was fuckin cold! Now we are here on the laptops getting our updates ready for tomorrow's site updates, editing video to get out VERY soon and doing cam shows together... so Imma get ready for bed. Much love :) Taking requests for videos .. so EMAIL ME @ platinumpuzzy@gmail.com