A response to recent hate mail

As of lately, I have tried to remain positive, stay focused on what's important and ignore the "hate" mail however I think its time that I initiated a war response to the wasted time spent trying to insult me. A few weeks ago I got an email telling me that my photos/videos/sites, etc are the most disgusting viewing on the net, and that I would be better to remove myself from online all together until I was able to present myself with a body and face of "favorable" taste. My mouth dropped when I read this. Immediately I thought, "Are they serious??" And naturally they were. Apparently they watched my "Haters" video and initially thought I was naked. I am not actually, it is a strapless dress I am wearing. But even if I was, to insinuate that I am "unattractive because of my size" is utterly ignorant and ridiculous." Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although I think expressing yours to me directly was uncalled for and unnecessary. I know that I am not attractive to everyone, I don't expect to be nor do I want to be... but for you to take the time to tell me was a waste. For those who wonder, "why do I do this..." I do it for me, and me alone. I mean yeah, I enjoy having the attention of the admirers and fans, and to some degree this is entertainment for you... but essentially at the end of the day I do because I enjoy it. I am fat, secure, confident and proud of who I am. Thank you,.. :)