OMFG... the greatest dick ever!

The dry spell is finally over! I thought the last couple of encounters would be all I see of the new guy I have been smashing... but hell nah! He is locked ~ hooked ~ whipped and anything else you can think of. The great thing is - I am hooked too! He called and text messaged me cute lil messages all day - and emailed me, and when I got off work he was like "just swing by..." so I made sure the fam was taken care of, all my duties elsewhere were handled and I came through for what was supposed to be a few minutes. YEAH - right! No sooner than I got out the car he met me at the door with a huge hug and a big fat smacker on the lips, but not just a regular kiss. A passionate, sensual, tingly feeling kiss that just sent chills down my spine. Needless to say it was on from there because I was wetter than a soaked sponge. He had some dinner made so we sat and ate and talked about our days. I explained more about what I do, and my views on being single and relationships. He had a blank look of confusion when I said "I don't want anything that makes me "obligated or responsible" for your feelings. I just want to fuck and have fun with someone" And at first I thought I hurt his feelings but he later explained that was exactly what he wanted to hear and thought maybe I was pullin his chain. I had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and once I was done we sat in the family room watching tv and just snuggling. Immediately I felt his manhood rising and slowly rubbed against him. He blew in my ear and gently bit my neck and it was a wrap! I proceeded to hop on his lap and straddled him (still clothed) but kissing him like "FUCK ME DAMMIT" He was trying to be polite so I finally just said it - another look of "are you serious" came to his face and I was like WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? He picked me up!!! OMG yes, he picked up my fat ass every 269 lbs of me or how much ever I weigh these days and took me in the bedroom while STILL kissing me!! I thought I was going to die... he placed me on the bed, took of my clothes, took off his clothes and OUT popped his BEAUTIFUL big dick... ofcourse I had to stick it in my mouth before I let him enter me... so I gave him a nice wet blow job for about 5minutes until he couldn't take anymore. He then flipped me over to my favorite position, doggy and glided his 11" dick in my pussy nice and slow. He let it marinate for a few moments before pounding the fuck out my screaming for more pussy. We fucked for at least 45 minutes in every possible position until he just exploded and nearly died. He said he hadn't came that hard since, well since the last time we were together-0- lol... we took a long shower *fucked some more* started getting dressed *fucked some more* he walked me to the door, came back in and *fucked some more* and before you know it it's late, my pussy is sore and I am exhausted!! So if you didn't see me online - this definitely explains it~~!! BTW - new update on - Cheri, my REAL time girlfriend does her first photo shoot! She is so glad I have been getting some good dick because that makes me so much more frisky to play with her when I get home... and when she gets in tonight I will~~~ Muahs!