Fuckable Freak? Am I still yours?

Welcome back you are saying? My mysterious disappearances and surprise returns have kept me away from tappin fingers in this blog. For good reason tho! I have been a naughty, busy little bad girl! Indeed I have. I decided a few weeks ago to stop seeing mr Big Booty Call. I know you are asking why because our adventures were so entertaining and fun... and they were - but sometimes you just have to let things go. There were some complicated factors that made us being together just difficult. I got a call from him yesterday, strange enough and he misses me and this fat pussy very much. I am considering just one more time.... *wink wink* I will keep you posted on whether that happens.

As for other situations, I met Mimi Melons this week and we are have now formed the BBW alliance and hot online services Dynamic Duo! She is cool as hell... fun to be around and its interesting ALL the guys that she has fucked... that I fucked long ago. She is younger than me so she is circulating thru my oldies! Nonetheless, our adventures started and just keep on going! We came to the hotel last night to get some photo shoots and video work done. Fuckin unreliable dick never showed, but we did entertain someone who been buggin us both quite a bit - got him over scoped him to see if he was video material and played with little touching and sent him on his way. Then ofcourse my bestest friend came over... he was a fuckin tease cuz WE WANTED TO FUCK HIM. I was whinin and beggin for the dick - and finally @ 1am he slipped it to me while laying on the bed watching tv. Talk about a smile from ear to ear! No, didn't get a chance to video it but it was Mmmm Mmmm good like Campbell's soup. He will be returning today to film a hot ass video! Later, she called one of her fuck buddies and in the progress of him making it to our location he failed to mention he had a friend with him - and ofcourse her and I were like "He had to promise pussy and we don't know what he looks like" so we told him to forget it. I don't like being "pimped" like that. Come to find out it was 2 of her fuck buddies who apparently know each other and know about each other if you know what I mean. One of em was like tall as hell and apparently has some good BIG long dick... the other was her personal favorite or at least someone she liked hanging out with. Sucks - I feel bad for her and at the end of the night we were left here with no calls on cam, no dick, and she had to bounce. She is on her way back now :)

I am back on the travel tour, so if you want to see me - and don't have anything arranged yet - her and I are actually traveling TOGETHER. Yes, we can come to see you - so hit me up on that tip.
www.platinumplumpas.com will be updated on Monday for those of you wondering why it's been a while since I posted. Same thing with www.platinumpuzzy.net - check me out and stay in touch cuz its gonna get hot up in here!!

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