Recooperation, recovery and re-assessing

Hey all you sexy readers! You can thank TWITTER for my more frequent entries. I didn't realize that many people read my blog and enjoy it so ... as a result I will do my duty and UPDATE more!
So you see I went out last night... and had a blast AS ALWAYS! You know I don't step out unless I am fully prepared to be the life of the party... even if it's my own party LOL - and I gotta give shout out's to those MEN who approach women with respect and class. I was totally turned off but the young bucks tryin to holla @ us at the club and @ Denny's afterwards with sign language of fucking... phrases like "With an ass like that someone gotta be tappin it, how can I be down" and VERY unattractive comments that just had me thinking "Are you serious?" ~I guess in our times where gettin your rocks off is ALL anyone seems to care about this would be acceptable but certainly NOT in my world REGARDLESS of what I do for work PORN or otherwise. I am still a WOMAN, and have standards of respect that WILL be met or you will be ignorned. Had to get that off my chest - cuz that erked me. So you ask what kind of man do I want? That's a loaded question yet simple all in the same. RESPECT is a must. I like a man who is honest, real and realistic. Goal oriented, intelligent, culturally OPEN minded, outgoing *but not constantly in the streets unless that's the hustle*, can be a gentleman and yet a thug when the time is right (wink), thoughtful - thinks of others as much as himself, romantic @ times, can handle what I do, SECURE with himself, trusting and trustworthy, STRONG - likes to kiss, cuddle, affectionate, down to earth.. I love to watch movies and just chill.. have BBQ's with fam & friends and just play cards - relax. Likes the night life every once in a while and not afraid to have my fat ass on his side... or bent over in front shakin that booty LMAO ~ Overall accepts me for who I am.
Who am I? ~ That's even more loaded than what I am looking for! LOL I am funny, fun to be around, the kind of person that gives more than I receive, I am more happy when I make others happy, GIVING, big kind heart, BUT - on the flip side when you burn me I can be down right evil. Outgoing, intelligent, diverse and culturally rounded, I don't limit myself to anything... allowing myself to grow at all times, a business woman, hustler @ heart, dreamer and goal oriented, sexually comfortable and secure with myself, confident, a good friend, family oriented....positive attitude and more -
So twitter has connected me to tons of people I would absolutely give just about anything to shoot with... and so far it looks like legit opportunities. I talked to Carmyell yesterday and we have some things in the very near future planned. We have been tryin to get up for years... and finally we are going to do this. I am here to stay people - LOL - and I about passed out when Shane Diesel wrote me back on Twitter... I am absolutely in love now LOL!! Can't wait to shoot with Jonny Slim and a new kid who is making a break into the industry who's name is yet to be officially :Puzzy Professah: but tentatively for the moment - photos can be seen HERE ... this IS more of what I want to see! More to cum on that test shoot!
Lots to do, and I have company coming tonight.. you know who it is - Big Dick ... lol yeah he is in the hood and wants to do a "drop by" ... So I gotta finish up my stuff and be ready for him soon! Muahs to all of you and TWITTER ME DAMMIT!