Happy almost 4th of July!

It's finally the weekend and I don't know where I would rather be, at my day job or here trying to accomplish the 100000 things I have to do to get online business caught up. NEVER happen - so I am looking to hire an assistant, someone who can update my profiles, promote my sites and site updates, etc. I simply just don't have time for this shit - ahhh! Not that I don't want to.. let's not get it twisted shall we? But - there are only so many hours in the day and I just don't have enough to do all the things I need and want to do. SO, let's put that on the FOR HIRE list. Also, a travel agent, attorney and a full time sexual partner. Oh wait, did I say that? LOL - I need a nut - a PERSONAL nut. You ask what the difference is? ~Let me break it down like this. When I am shooting its all about YOU the viewer... when I am PERSONALLY fucking its about us... end of that story. LOL :) ~My buddy just called I WILL be getting some tomorrow - yeeehaw!

Time to get all my contact information organized. Been needing to do this for a while, and this is a fine time to knock it out. DEADLINED for tonight. Yikes - help! Catch ya later!