Look what I found!

I love when you write or speak about something and quickly you find blog posts surrounding the topic in which you spoke of. Ok... THIS IS WHAT I FOUND:

"Project BBW - Showing adult industry and conventions what BIG BEAUTY is all about"

I had the pleasure of speaking with Platinum Puzzy, one of my all time favorite BIG BOOTY white girl porn stars today and was delighted to hear that she is teaming up with Amber Swallows XXX, amongst others in an effort to add a diverse edge at erotic related conventions. Being 2 elite plus size stars, their intentions are to join forces and show strength not only in size but in numbers. There other models who were not named during our conversation, but mentioned as planning to attend.

This comes as a result of recent controversy surrounding AdultCon's rejection to BBW talent being allowed to have a booth that was PREPAID and promote their plus size products and porn. Exxxotica made a public announcement that they in fact would extend an open invitation for ALL commumities and niches including "Plus Size erotic art and porn" to attend, participate, network, and promote their adult entertainment.

Platinum Puzzy who is no newbie to the industry has remained an amateur star since the beginning of her reign in 2005. According to her blogs, she has attended Exxxotica Miami 2 yrs in the past, which she confirmed during our conversation. She stated "I was disappointed by not seeing more plus size talent at the show representing our "niche" and corner of the porn world. Oddly enough, there were a TON of plus size women and patrons there with their husbands which reflects the desire to meet and interact with the BBW stars"

Amber Swallows XxX is only a 2 yr veteran in the industry but brings more the mainstream dvd exposure to the team. She has stormed the stores with her stunning looks and star gazing eyes, leaving us with a desire to see more and definitely BUY more of her video work.

Both of these beauties combined make a hell of a team, and definitely deserve proper recognition for bringing some much needed SIZE POSITIVITY to these conventions. You can catch both of these ladies online, but if you desire a real life encounter you can check them out at the BBW EXXXLUSIVE EXXXOTICA AFTER PARTIES going on Sept 25-27th in NJ. For more information on how to obtain your ticket, you can email platinumpuzzy@gmail.com and/or amberswallowsxxx@gmail.com ---- thanks as always for reading my passion for plumpers!"

Now how flattering is that? I am totally blushing! TY :)