Plug in ... :)

So you are probably thinking some crazy thoughts right now... about me and my decision to leave/stay ... etc. And all I can say is that I am being 100% real. I am choosing to share this with you because the growing stereo-type of what it's like in the industry is SO wrong. Sometimes it can be fun, and profitable but there are times where you alter ego can take over and even cause you to self doubt. Here is what I found when I did some self evaluation today.
#1 - NO ONE defines me BUT me. Allowing the petty, unjust and negative folks to penetrate my sunshine, steal my confidence and plant self doubt in my mind is what the problem is. I am a smart, beautiful person and being NICE is what constitutes being a stalker than I will be the best stalker I can be. I have a huge heart and in helping myself I want to help others. NO MORE SELF SACRIFICING TO DO SO. Working SMARTER not HARDER. These things I have mentioned before but time to remind myself what I am doing. Not letting anyone take my dreams from me and stepping back, doing what works and removing the things that don't. Fine, if you don't want to shoot with me, that's cool. If we were cool, and we aren't - that's fine too. Been there done that and learning to deal with that real well. Talk about me, it's all good... I am used to haters.

I allowed my emotions to get to me. I admit... But once again, I won't allow others to distract me from the things that I have worked hard for, and the things I am working on. I am redirecting that emotional energy - because there are people who want to work with me and there are fans still out there. Youtube is talking, and altough it's not all nice things... there are people reaching out to me for answers, and complimenting my confidence. SO.... for THEM I remain. :) For YOU the readers, I am here. Til next time! Muahsz!


Greg said…
Always stay strong and always stay real. So many people tend to forget that you are a human with real human feelings as well. they figure since you have sex on film that it makes you different. I have yet to understand why people think that way. And that is about anyone who works in any entertainment medium.

Anyway, glad your sticking around and keep on keeping it real.