Puttin my place in the biz in perspective

As I have questioned my decision to stay in the business of adult entertainment, or leave - I have also taken into consideration my place inside a community that is growing fast, and in that has developed haters both within the game as well as outside. After taking some time to chat with DESIREE DEVINE today, and discussing some possibilities in shooting together while visiting Cali, I learned alot from her as well as about her. I have never had the opportunity to speak with her online nor off so this was a delightful first. Ofcourse, I had heard things from other models and industry folks who had their own opinion of her... but decided to not let what others say hinder me from contacting her in hopes for a chance to work together. As you well know, I tend to get attached to folks.. and either love them or hate them - so it was a 50-50 chance it could go either way. I tend to like most people, until they give me a reason not to. Anyways, we spoke.. and I found her to be quite an intelligent woman. I found that there are some things that we share in common, and THAT is always a start for something positive.

My decision to speak with her, aside from the obvious intent to work with her; was based on the realization that I can't cut myself short of opportunity based on someone's depiction and opinion. Because I myself have faced lack of work due to being bad mouthed... which in some cases may have been warranted although in most not so much, I had to give her a chance. And I have read her blog, only to learn that she too has the same issues as I... people tend to tell everyone about the bad things you say, do and have done. They don't take the time to point out the good, and in most cases they don't even TRULY know the person.