New updates!

So you see that my absence doesn't come with out some sort of accomplishments. I have been a busy girl in spite of my vacation. There is alot more to cum so keep your cocks in hand and be ready to beat that meat to the adventures of yours truly. There was a rumor that I was leaving the industry, don't believe it. I am sure that at some point it will be far over due time to retire, but that isn't NOW. I am in my prime, juicy and wet and ready to continue to explore what situations can get me to the ultimate point of arousal. This endeavor has had it's ups and downs, and its certainly been an interesting journey - sacrifices and road bumps for sure. I would do it again.. so we Desiree Devine and I are working on an official travel schedule for the next tour. It's due tomorrow but there are some complications to iron out. I am excited to get back on the road. Filming with different folks, meeting fans and admirers is the perks of this job! This is the to-do list to go through before we hit the road.
1) Take care of general maintenance on the vehicle. --- we don't wanna be stranded no where!!
2) Get tested - It is essential to ensure the safety of everyone that we stay actively tested and current.
3) Map out our route of travel. -- Self explanitory.
4) Set up shoots, private visits, appearances and special events. -- Essential in making sure we get the most out of our trip.
Speaking of, I talked with Dawn who used to be on Candi's a long time ago and she is going to send me her geisha costume which is FAT-ABULOUS and so hot! One of my guys is going to order the shoes and all this will be used for my shoot in Miami. I am having a shoot party the weekend of Exxxotica Miami which is May 14-16th. Reserved the Japanese themed room and got a HOT ass geisha costume coming! I am SO excited... some of the models who MAY attend are Kandi Kobain, Sienna Hills, Desiree Devine, and more. This is gonna be SO hot and SO much fun!
Off to do some hot n sexy cam shows!! You can catch a show if you want one <>