... grrrr ... Tour updates

Club Biggie Nights was cool. Met the guy that runs this BBW size positive club event in Tampa FL and I must say he is super cool. We discussed the industry and ofcourse how Desiree and I intend to open a plus size club up in Jacksonville, FL after we end our tour mid May of this year. WE are looking at uniting as a team to help each other promote in our cities and join for events. We are also going to come back to Tampa and do a dvd signing event there at the club. Aside from out networking with the owner, we ran into a few characters that were essentially ridiculous but I guess we should expect that. I had a blast with BBW Destiny although we didn't get a chance to shoot with her schedule. Next time! :)

We checked out of the roach no-tel and headed to Chase Suites which was hella fly. For the deal we got, the room was fantastic! We headed to Bahama Breeze for dinner which is RIGHT next door to the hotel. What can I say? We didn't expect much with such a small menu, great view and the staff was great... and then the food simply caught us off guard. It was some of the best food EVER. Desi ordered the shrimp n grits, and I got a mega burger. The best was the warm pineapple upside down cake. BETTER than sex? Almost. This cake melted in your mouth and just tasted perfect. I give Bahama Breeze 5 stars.

After having such an amazing meal, we were VERY horny and decided that we were going to go on the hunt for some personal sexual companionship. The search online was relentless, and turned unsuccessful. We found a cutie with a beautiful cock, but he was unable to perform under pressure. Limp noodle led to pure sexual disappointment. We decided to call Tampa a wrap and head to Miami. Hours of endless searching for a room in Miami, the rates drove us insane since we were staying for a week so Desi got a good idea to look for a vacation rental. She found a hot spot right on Miami waterway and blocks from the beach at a decent price. We THOUGHT we got a good deal.

Hit the road, hauled ass thru Cypress National Park where we took a few moments to enjoy the beautiful scenary. We love nature and this place was just amazing. After hours of driving, we arrived into Miami where we were having difficulty reaching the property owner of the unit we rented. We decided to grab a bite to eat @ IHOP where we had the most awful experience. Finally the call came to pick up the keys and so we arrived at the property. The owner said he fell asleep waiting on us to arrive, although he looked like he was coming off a coke high. We were told we would stay in a larger, nicer unit for a few days and then when the new renters came be moved to a smaller unit for the remainder of our trip. So we get in, aggrevated at the time and wait but glad to finally be "home." No internet, no parking and no hot water - things progressively got worse. Instead of getting upset we thought of our glasses being half full, and expected things to be better the next day. LoL - Woke up early to head to the Talent Testing Center and after arriving in Little Haiti, found out they are moving to another location. We were told we would have to drive to Ft Lauderdale to get tested and wait almost a week for results. We nearly lost our heads and acted a fool... but some how managed to keep our composure and explain that this was unacceptable so they decided to let us get tested and promised our results would be ready by shoot time Tuesday morning. So.. after about 2 hours of chaos there we headed to back to the house and met up with Dave who has been a long time "Platinum Puzzy" supporter. Kicked it for a bit, then had to have my "favorite Miami Lover" come by. In the meantime we got news that we would have to move to the smaller unit within the hour. Thank goodness Donaven came prepared with brand new towels and ready to give me that good lovin I've been missing. He moved all of our luggage and we broke in the new bed. Yay!

My friend came down from Jacksonville to enjoy her birthday weekend. We were drunk by 3pm Saturday from taking shots with Dave. He rubbed our feet, hands and simply spoiled us with amazing VIP treatment. And then the bed broke.. that's all I am going to say about that! We grabbed a bite to eat @ Miami Subs and took a little nap. Sobered up, headed to Club Jazid on Washington between 13/14th st (Next to Miami Ink) where we got more VIP treatment from a special friend of Desi. Got tipsy again, had breakfast and came home.

Got up bright and early the next morning, headed to the beach where we relaxed, played and had so much fun soaking up the sun. Worked up an appetite, headed down Collins looking for a place to eat and stumbled upon Miami Beach's best kept secret - a fat girl's BEST friend - Manolo's Restaraunt. Their menu is incredible with a ton of different types of food to choose from, the food was DELICIOUS! We ordered some hot wings which are now by far the best I've ever had. I got 3 footlong hot dogs which now replace Nathan's as my favorite dog. These suckers were wrapped in bacon and came in a home made FRESH cuban bun. No room for dessert, we decided to come back again to get a taste of that awesome dessert menu.

Came back to the vacay rental which we now hate, broken bed, uncomfortable sofa, cold as hell *no heat working* and unstable internet. Not complaining, simply disappointed that the information located on the website contradicted the quality of the place. So... if all goes well next we head to Atlanta on Fri Mar 5th. WIth us its ALWAYS an adventure!