I want a wife & a husband!!

It's Friday night and I'm hanging out with MiMi Melons. WIth us, things are unpredictable but you know you are up for a good time. We decided to watch movies... and ended up on "Showgirls" with TERRIBLE acting but some hot steamy scenes. Before too long our fine friend had stopped by and ofcourse we snuggled, chatted and shared a few laughs. MiMi was focused on one thing, getting laid. Before too long it was time for him to get busy....and they were leaving me in the living room to go handle their business. I had ONE request, I wanted to watch & touch my pussy wile they do their do. So we did. It was a fabulous nut.

So this brought me to thinking, that I REALLY want to have a wife and a husband. Ideally my household will offer me the best of both worlds. A fine female like AriesBBW... and not sure who the man would be... any takers? LOL Good night - time to get some zzzz's.


Aries said…
the perfect situation to grow together and satisfy each other, being connected mentally & physically in a bond like no other~ WOW when you can build something this strong there is no way ANYONE can come in-between.
Ms. Plat will YOU marry me? :) then we can just find a man and clobber him over the head with a billy club! he has no say in it! * that part was a joke* the man needed for this union MUST be just as mentally strong for the journey that's about to unfold. um Not to mention one hell of a wallet feeding 2 fat chicks is not fucking cheap!
Andre said…
I'd love to be the husband :-)