Two guys and a Mike interview TOMORROW @ 4pm est

So I know you wanna hear more from me and since the radio show is on hold while I make some BIG changes, you can check me out tomorrow on Two Guys and a Mike show at 4pm est. I am flattered to be on the show as they say that I am part of what inspired them to do the show. Talk about inspiring others to do positive things! That's POWERFUL! If you don't believe me HERE is what they had to say:

" Hey, it's Don Carlos and just wanted to say that I am so looking forward to having Platinum Puzzy as our initial guest on our Two Guys and a Mike internet radio show...especially since Platinum's show was a huge influence in our decision to create one from the perspective of a couple of fans who appreciate all the fine BBWs out there doing their thing. And anytime you want us to return the favor and appear on your radio show, just say the word!"

"I was very excited to have Platinum Puzzy on our very first show. shes not only been an inspiration, but also great friend! I am truly lucky to say that I know someone of her caliber!

Jay Gatsby
Two Guys And A Mike Radio

Cell: (706) 483-1985
Listener Dial-in Number: (818) 688-5684"

Make sure you check out their show tomorrow 4pm est CLICK HERE!