Erotic Foreplay

I had an experience a couple of months ago that I thought topped my ultimate erotic foreplay, but then I met a man who entered my brain, my soul, my heart, and every part of me.  We met shortly after Mr Sexy and I had our night in Little Rock, and we were just talking harmlessly.  I found myself catching butterflies when he called, smiling every time I saw his text or emails.  A strong man, in touch with his feelings but not all gushy and sensitive.  He had a sense of what I wanted, out of life, out of love and out of someone I wanted to love.  Before long it grew into a deeper relationship than I had ever imagined.  We were joined by similar interests, and a desire to be appreciated for the people we are, not what people want us to be.  He accepted me flaws and all.

We would chat online, text and by phone for over a month, when he decided it was time to meet.  He chose a mutual meeting point, arranged our travel and hotel accommodations, and we anticipated our meeting day.  The excitement drove me wild... as each day passed what seemed to be an eternity but finally my flight day arrived and it was hours before we would meet face to face.  The flights seemed to take a lifetime.  And then I landed.

I rushed off the plane, eager to get to my baggage and await for him at the hotel.  My flight came in before his, so I had just enough time to get checked in, shower, dress up in some sexy lingerie and have the room waiting for our first time.  I got ready faster than I have EVER gotten ready.  No bad hair day, no make up mistakes, and no wardrobe malfunctions for the first time.  It seemed everything was too perfect.

It was drawing closer and closer to his time of arrival, so I laid on the bed in a sexy lingerie piece I ordered specifically for this day.  I didn't want to wear anything I had shot in, or worn before as I wanted to share this moment with only him.  As I laid on the bed, I realized that I was tired and fell asleep.  I don't how long I slept... but soon I would be awakened by a surprise.

He had gotten a key from the front desk, and let himself in.  He quietly placed his luggage in the closet and proceeded to take a shower.  He came out in a towel, all dried off and oiled up... his fit body and amazing chest nice in smooth.  I didn't like being asleep when he came, as I am sure I wasn't exactly "pretty" all drooling and snoring lol.  But... I was tired.

He woke me up by kissing my neck, and was gently caressing my body.  I gasped for a second, and immediately proceeded to attempt to kiss him.  He backed off, and said - lay back, and relax baby girl... let daddy take care of you.  I think I creamed my panties a little from hearing that, as it was a turn on to have someone take FULL control and completely dominate me.  So I exhaled, relaxed and did just as I was instructed.

He kissed EVERY inch of my body, telling me how amazingly beautiful I was.  He looked me in my eyes, and finally began to kiss me as passionately as I had EVER been kissed.  A soft but aggressive kiss that was just enough to make me melt... then he went down to my special spot, making me shiver over and over again.  He seemed to be down there for a very long time, and all I kept doing was BEGGING for him to penetrate me.  He had a nice big black dick that was screaming for me!!  But he insisted I wait.

I told him I wanted to taste him too, and I did.  He was sure enjoying my skills, and then flipped me over getting back on top me.  His muscles in his arms were bulging out, so sexy and his man hood looked ready for me.  He grabbed my face gently, and kissed me while slowly inserting himself into my very wet spot.  I gasped, as it fit perfectly into me.. and felt like nothing I had ever felt before.  He kissed me, while gently gliding in and out getting me nice and ready for his thrust of manhood.

He made gentle love to me for about 5 minutes, and then took full control, lifting my legs onto his shoulders and pounded the hell out of my pussy.  It felt SO good, I came nearly within a minute.  And then again within a couple more... you get the point.  Every so often, he would lean over and whisper in my ear he loved me and how fucking beautiful I was.  I grabbed his back and pulled him closer to me, begging for more.

He turned me over, putting me on all fours.  He grabbed my hips and started fucking me from behind.  I was in euphoria.  I got on top, taking a little bit of control... and took that dick like I had been wanting to for so long.  I loved watching his face as I gave him this pussy.  No drug, no enhancement... just the feelings I had developed for this man and the love we were making mixed with hardcore fucking was the ultimate pleasure experience.  It seemed to last forever but 40 minutes had passed, and I had cum so many times my legs were about to go to convulsions.

He came inside me, and we laid next to each other breathing hard... sweaty and complete full of smiles of pure enjoyment.  I thought to myself, "This IS paradise.  Finally, I found the man of my dreams"

And then I woke up.