Viva Las Vegas!

Things are going 100mph... I thought retirement would give me more time to myself or at least more time to do other things besides shooting.  I was completely mistaken.  Things have gotten chaotic, and crazy.  Projects are in OVERLOAD.

This past weekend I flew to Las Vegas, to handle business.  I arrived, was picked up from the airport by a colleague and headed to our hotel.  I didn't know he'd gotten a suite, but was pleasantly surprised when we arrived and found myself in VERY elegant accommodations.  I felt right at home.  We started out Thursday by taking care of the bare essentials.  We invited a few people over to mix and mingle.  Julia Sands, Desiree Charm, Red White and Beautiful  and Sami Sorrentino were among those that showed up.  We had a few drinks, unwound and enjoyed each other's company.

Friday began the real work when I shot with Desiree Charm.  I thoroughly enjoyed her company as well as that of her camera man.  The footage we have is great, and definitely well worth taking a look at.  I also had the pleasure of shooting a hot scene with Desiree, Julia and myself... a hot 3 some/strap on scene that made me squirt all over the bed!  Last but not least my scene with Teedra Diora where she got to play a dominate role... she was definitely hot while forcing me to fuck her!  Lots of fun that's for sure!

Saturday night we went out to Club Plush, a plus sized party night in Vegas and met with Jacob and Katie who were very nice people.  We hung out in VIP, got bottle service and cut a rug on the dance floor.  Definitely some real good times.

Sunday I did an interview for the Sin City Bounty radio station which can be heard here:
They were a lot of fun to be around, and made it easy to be a guest instead of the person on the other side of the mic.  Can't wait to go back!

That's about it :) 


Hey Baby Girl! Thanks for the great night ... haven't drank that much in a while. Let's snuggle up soon... Kisses, Ms Red White and Beautiful