My first lesbian relationship... possibly.

I have been bi-sexual for a VERY long time... and I've always been open to girl on girl play but NEVER open to a relationship with a woman.  Then I met her and everything changed.

We were in contact about an up and coming event to take place here in Las Vegas called "Elite VIP" week where I am hosting select Elite's to VIP at a week long of fun, adult events.  You can read more about them here >> ELITE VIP WEEK <<  Anyhow, we had been in contact with each other as she expressed interest in coming to the BBW strip competition at Little Darlings.  As we began discussing the event, we ventured into other, more personal topics and some how struck a liking to each other.

Conversations with her are refreshing.  I don't feel like she wants anything from me, aside to spend time with me and get to know me.  I feel a comfort that hasn't been present with another female EVER.  I feel like she accepts me AS IS.  I have a lot of great things about me, and a pretty good personality - but I have self aware flaws.  I don't feel like I have to hide from her.  SUCH A RELIEF.

There is just something about her that has my attention.  She is sweet, ambitious, positive attitude and full of mystery.  I am excited to get to know her... and even more excited that she will be here with me in Vegas in 19 Days!  Yes... the magic will begin!  We are planning on shooting together, but what has me more over joyed is the personal time we are planning to share off camera.

Of course, for those of you wishing to pre-purchase a copy of the footage we do shoot together that IS an option and you can email me to find out how YOU can obtain a PRE-PURCHASED discounted copy...  you can even submit some ideas or a full on script that you wish to have done especially customized for YOU!  Be the director!  OR if you wish to watch us LIVE on cam - we are accepting prebooked cam shows now as well.

The rest remains to be seen... stay tuned and wish me luck!