Cal Exotics - D.I.Y. ™ Do It Yourself Pocket Pal™

I requested this specifically for someone special in my life to enjoy. I was quite curious if these were pleasurable and honestly wanted something to help with hand work if you know what I mean.  
I was beyond thrilled to receive this for this month's review as it would be my first time using it on someone else before myself.  Here we go!

I invited him over and said that we were having a "special" night with something unique and different.  I put on something sexy, popped in a xxx movie and awaited his arrival.  By my bed, I had lube, candles lit and the movie was playing when he walked in.  His favorite type of porn is girl on girl, so I put on a steamy, sexy lesbian film to get him nice and hard for my surprise.  

I had him lay back, and not touch himself as the porn was getting him very aroused and quickly.  I pulled out the DIY, get it generously lubed and gently slide it on the head of his cock.  His face lit up and as I glide it on further and further his eyes begin to roll to the back of his head.  He says "This feels SO real and tight" 

I am excited because I don't always know how to grip a cock when I'm giving a hand job... some like it tight and fast and some don't.  He likes it tight and fast... so I get it in all the way, biting his nipples and listening to him moan.  He LOVES the way it tightens as I pull it away, and sucks on his head.  He usually lasts a lot longer, but within minutes he was quickly begin to shiver and reach his pop point!  

Here is the BEST feature about this toy!  It's SUPER easy to clean!  He jizzed inside the toy and I was concerned how I was going to clean it.  It was SO easy!  All I did was flip it inside out and wash it.  The easiest toy to clean!!  

This review is brought to you by:  CAL EXOTICS
Overall here are my ratings:
Packaging 4/5
Vibration n/a
Quality 5/5
Visual 5/5
Cost 5/5
Would I recommend this toy to readers? Yes 
Will I use this toy personally? Yes

Toy features:
  • Bulk Weight: 8(oz) / 0.23(kg)
  • 5.25” x 2.75”/13.25 cm x 7 cm
  • Ultra life-like PureSkin® pocket pal
  • Soft, tight and stretchy masturbator
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance free
  • TPR
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