Pipedream Real Feel No. 13 Review

I was excited to add some white meat to my collection.  I pulled it out the box, and was impressed that the packaging included being covered in saran wrap.  Taking additional steps to insure your products cleanliness and protections is a GREAT sign.  This is a first for me, so high 5 Pipedreams.  

This dildo is VERY soft.  Unfortunately it comes with a slight difficulty.  When I attempted to insert this into myself, the soft top made it VERY difficult to put inside me.  Even with lube, I had a hard time getting this inserted fully.  It took a lot of working out, but once I got it in it felt amazing inside.  The vibration mixed with the gentle, soft silicone feel is a great combination.  

I decided to try it on my girlfriend, and she also loved the feel inside.  Most dildos are so hard and less realistic.  This definitely gives more of an authentic feeling.   A must have for your collection!

I certainly recommend this toy for purchase and it comes in various colors!  

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