To be shamed or not shamed?

My whole life has been filled with what the public would be considered "shameful" decisions and choices.  From being over weight most of my life to dating outside my race and now being a proud sex worker.  Ironically, I find no shame in ANY of these choices and quite proud that I have never been one to "fit in."

As a young girl who started to gain weight as puberty set in, I always found my peace in being different and unique.  I've never been afraid to stand out or be myself even if it lead to judgment and ridicule.  For me, it's actually liberating to have my own identity and not feel the pressure to be what everyone else thought I should be.

Unfortunately, the world doesn't embrace and accept this same concept and way of living.  Matter of fact, it's common to be subject cruelty when you fail to follow their fads and ideals of popularity.  I have been the victim of many situations where I was bullied and made fun of in similar scenarios.

I've been fortunate to find myself and love myself through these tragic situations that taught me a very valuable lesson.  Being yourself is the best way to find happiness.  NO ONE dictates your happiness but you.  I still face shaming, stares, rude comments and insults but now I just smile and brush it off my shoulders.  I know deep down THEY are uncomfortable with themselves and that's why they choose to attack me.

I will say, I have a very supportive family that loves me for me and has been the rock that held me down in the times of weakness and vulnerability.  I haven't always been able to fight it... and I can truly say I am blessed.  LOVING ME and NEVER TO BE ASHAMED!!