Manic Monday

Well, Sunday Donovan came down from GA and we did some shoots together. As a result, we now have 4 more videos to add to the collection and 3 other videos that were older just never got them back from Mr D… lol now I am in super edit mode and getting them put up and ready to buy. Funny when we did the outdoor shoot cuz there were bugs everywhere and a couple of times I almost ran into spider webs with poisonous spiders on them… ahhh and then I almost got caught with all my clothes off by a biker on the bike trail. Pretty crazy!

We then took off to the car wash to do the car wash head video. The first one we went to there was NO privacy. The second was better but crowded… so we had to pay off the guy that worked there (hot as hell latin guy mmm) to keep it PRIVATE lol Sooooooo aside from that Kream will be here in a couple of days so I am working on setting up some things for us while she is here. You gotta check out these hot shows!! Other than that… I am off to finish editing all this damn video footage I have now! Ahhhhh… much love & besos - Platinum