Life happens... roll with the flow

I have to say that life happens, and because of it we tend to be ripped from thenormal routine's of our lives. No excuse, I promised to start blogging regularly and forget more than I remember. Here I am asking for your forgiveness... so, I am having some issues with my internet/computer. I don't know how I have been functional for a while but the way I had things working has been all wrong. Been getting one thing here and there worked on and finally today will have it all fixed. Dealing with assholes is part of my daily routine and lately they have been coming from long time customers/fans who think the are entitled to watch my cam anytime I turn it on. UNTRUE. I don't mind every once in a while getting on cam while I chat, but the reason I don't do it often is because then the viewer (who is just getting the courtesy of watching) wants to demand me to do this and that. And not only that, but if I am doing personal shows, it isn't right to expect to get to watch a show someone else requested and paid for for free. If you truly are a fan, then respect the game and me. I am tired of fighting with you ignorant pervies who don't respect me and feel like you can talk/type to me any way. I love entertaining but this is my job, and I don't expect you to work for free.

On a brighter note, Italian Lace and I have been doing cam shows. VERY nice thay have turned out. You should cop you one, when you get a chance :) New videos are out, new found freedom and some new looks are coming to Miss Platinum Puzzy. Stay tuned hottie!