Tour 07 & more

So next week I start Tour 07 which is ONE solid month of road travel hitting as many cities as I can to check out fans, clubs, bbw events and more. Am I coming to YOUR city? Quite possibly but understand I am not doing this just drop by and say hi. This is holiday motivated money making trip so consider that when contacting me to come see you! So, I am starting with Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, & more stops on the way to NYC which I will be up there filming for several adult companies. I will also be seeing personal clients and partying with friends like Kitty Lixx! I will then leave for Mt Sterling, KY to shoot with Silky Angela who is going to meet me there. She will be traveling from a few hours away from Mt Sterling to come shoot with me again. Then we are off to St Albans, WV for the halloween bash of the year @ Flirts Night club Sat Oct 27th. I still have no clue what costume I am going to wear! I hate waiting last minute but I do it EVERY year. It just sneaks up on me.

Alot of you have asked me about the opening of I am SO sorry to inform you that we are NO closer to opening than we were a year ago. I have trusted the wrong people to webmaster my site and in that been handed a pretty raw deal each time. This time, I was mislead to believe it would be a month after I drove down to shoot with them, then the site would be open. What they failed to tell me was that it was contingent upon the other models they already obligated themselves to open solo sites for which at this time there were 3 other girls who had been waiting more than 6 months for their sites to be built. So needless to say, I am NO priority. I am real upset about this because he said he wouldn't do what had been done before and make more promises with no intent to be kept. So, I am going to have to find a way out of this cuz I am WAY too sour about this to continue to do business with them. I am SUPER disappointed. So, please bare with me... I know its been FOREVER in the making but trust I will ensure that when the site FINALLY hits the net YOU will be satisfied!

The clips store will be updated soon. I am having internet problems which won't let me send files... same thing with Candi's site. Can't update with out a way to send the content and it SUCKS! So, hopefully this tour will give me the time and funds I need to get everything back in order and back into your horny hands! :) Til next time! Besos, kisses & Ciao!