Tour '07 NYC

So I am on tour meeting new people, fans and fellow models in the biz. The drive up to NYC from Florida was LONG - left Florida noon Thursday and had a smooth drive. I decided to pull off the road and stay in Richmond, VA with Plush And Proud magazine creator Lexi. We had a blast video blogging and discussing ideas for the magazine etc. Love her :) 8:30am got up and headed to Norfolk, VA to see a friend who does my hair and then on to NYC... got to Norfolk and it was too late for her to do my hair. so we had coffee and a quick bite... I hit up Wal-Mart for a car charger cuz my celly wad dying and hit the road. Officially on the road @ 1pm I headed up north and hit MAD traffic in DC 3 hrs of it! Ugh it was awful, finally 10pm I made it to Brooklyn where I met up with my good friends and unwoud from my long drive.

Saturday, I hit up the Ghostface Ent party which I found VERY interesting and got to meet hella fine ass mpdels Jada Juggs was there and Brooklyn who I had a great time with. We played spades Sunday Brooklyn and some other friends... and ate Sunday dinner. Had a blast.. hangin out and talkin shyt.

Made it to Manhattan monday and got my car towed and cost me $200 to get out of the tow yard. After walking 20 blocks and waiting for 2hrs for my rescuer to come bring cash, THANK YOU BABY! I finally got my car back and stayed in the Bronx. Finally made it back to Brooklyn in the morning and had to get some sleep. From there, I have been meeting a few fans and just trying to get prepared for the next stop on my tour which is Mt Sterling KY where I am going to meet with Silky Angela for a couple of photo shoots Stay tuned!~ Stop #3 coming soon!