Beggers for free shit!!

All I can think right now is ARE YOU SERIOUS? I have had this discussion I don't know HOW many times with other models in the industry, how random people who READ your profile which CLEARLY indicates that I am an adult ENTERTAINER. So, WHY would you expect me to do something for you for FREE? And then when I decline, you tell me I am a bitch or STUCK UP? I mean it's not like I have this profile that indicates I do it for fun and for free THEN I hit you with the $ issue... it's all laid out for you so that you know what time it is BEFORE we engage in any conversation. On top of that, most girls don't even get on messenger or stay available for you to chat with at almost any given time. Don't abuse that with annoying, ignorant questions that are already answered in my profile. GOOGLE my name, anything you need to know about me is online SOMEWHERE! Geez... I'll be the bitch... or stuck up but damn when I deserve the title... don't give it to me just because you can't comprehend what you read!!